Homemade Coco Pops

As parents we always want our children to eat well, and to be honest, the amount of processed food that is so readily available really scares me. When you pick up a box of cereal on the supermarket shelf guarenteed you will not know what half the ingredients listed are, that one of the first three ingredients listed is sugar, and that Kellogg’s actually managed to make a rice cereal containing gluten! So when I came across a recipe for homemade coco pops I knew I had to give it a go, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint..

The homemade coco pops were easy to make and we had already had all the ingredients in our pantry so no fuss at all. My son loved helping make them, and then of course he enjoyed devouring them too. The homemade coco pops didn’t last long in our pantry with Max asking frequently for “pops” for breakfast,  and they stored very well in an air tight container in our pantry, although you can make an alternate version and store in the fridge if you like soggy coco pops but we like the crunch!

We enjoy ours with organic almond milk and as you can see…..totally toddler approved!

You can check out the yummy recipe on the Detox Cleanse Nourish page here


A new lifestyle journey

I’m embarking on a new lifestyle journey for 2017 for Max and I. A close friend shared something with me that I am absolutely in love with!! It’s plant based nutrition packed full of so many goodies, and the best part is it’s safe to share with Max too.

I’d never take something thats not safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding mums or children and I’m excited that this product ticks all those boxes, woo hoo!! They also offer a children’s health study offering soft chews for children and Max absolutely loves his asking for them morning and night. I’ve already noticed a HUGE energy lift in the mornings and i’m starting to find my quality of sleep is starting to improve too. Stay tuned as I will document my journey through the 24day dextox, cleanse and nourish program 😉

If you’d like some information about it click here.

Talk soon x