Max’s Room Makeover

So whilst totally overwhelmed with my uni workload I decided to start a makeover on Max’s room, because thats totally how you deal with life when it’s a little tough!

As you can see his room was previously quite dark and just didn’t fit with Max’s furniture. The whole house is cream with brown trim and whilst i’m sure it was very on trend at some point it’s very dark and drab now, plus the carpet has well and truely seen better days and is covered in stains. So, I emptied his room into the dinning room, ripped up the carpet and made a trip to the paint shop via the carpet shop. I’m very proud that it only took about 15minutes to pick the colour, oh, thats right, because I was also on a deadline to get it all done before the new carpet got installed in 2 days time!

I was so sick, but in prime procrastination mode for uni so with two very late nights a majority of the painting was done and the carpet arrived to be laid. We decided to go for a carpet that is life proof but also lush under foot so got one that is recycled PET! Yes, recycled plastic. Apparently very easy to clean and it’s got a very soft and luxurious feel to it too. Having a child and living near a busy road we chose a dark colour instead of the previous cream coloured carpet.

The colours chosen are Dulux Lexicon half, low sheen for the ceiling and gloss for the trims, and Dulux Tranquil Retreat for the walls. The colour is absolutely amazing and the feel in the room is quite, well, tranquil! It’s lighter in the room and the feel of the new carpet under foot is divine. I haven’t put the old wardrobe back in as it was an older style wooden wardrobe which doesn’t fit in with his new room so i’ve decided to put in a built in wardrobe one day (i use that term loosely), but for now all Max’s clothes are in my walk in robe.

Max is very much in love with the makeover and gave the carpet his ‘forward roll’ of approval. I positioned the furniture so he has maximum floor space to play and I rotate his toys so everything isn’t all out at once. Each week he chooses a few items and swaps them over with something from my walk in. I’m still deciding on how to display some of his preschool artwork and our family photo’s above his bed so if anyone has any ideas let me know 🙂