Totally loving life right now!

The first term of uni is almost finished and i’m getting some pretty amazing results back (yay)! I’ve sort of found my balance between being a mum to Max/allocating enough time for study/working enough to make ends meet, and occasionally, I even get to see my friends lol. I’ve really enjoyed being back at uni and learning again and it’s a pretty exciting course too. I’ve learnt sooooooo much already and am so passionate when I get to put my new found knowledge into practice and extend on my skills. A new area manager is pushing for me to be involved in some pretty amazing up and coming training which sounds really exciting and it feels so good to be so supported in my workplace to further my skills and training.

My poor little Max has had a rough time over the last few weeks too….seams when he got tonsillitis, chicken pox decided it would kick him while he was down, and now we’ve just rolled onto croup! He’s been so miserable and I swear in three weeks i’ve had about 4days sleep all up. Thankfully Max’s dad decided it would be best for Max if he stayed at home instead of attending his access weekend which was probably the best thing that’s come from his dad since we split…..readers, I think that moment is what people call a “successful co-parenting moment”, yes, OMG! My ex has also told me he’s now an avid follower of this blog, I find it a little weird that he’s still so interested in my life almost 2 years down the road, it’s not like we’re on good terms at all, but if it makes him feel better keeping tabs on my life then welcome to my blog!

I’ve even been able to fit in some gym time, and a little meditation occasionally too. This is something that has become so important to me, that hour at the gym has become my “me time”. Doesn’t matter if its a strength, cardio or a yoga session, that hour each day has become an important part of it, I love that sweaty euphoric feeling post workout. I’ve been pushing my boundaries and trying to hit some new goals and whilst cardio and I are not friends at all…it’s a work in progress.

I’ve also been a little neglectful with my friends the last few weeks since uni started, but we’ve been putting some exciting plans together for the horizon that we’re all really looking forward to. A girls trip with some family and girlfriends is all but booked and i’m excited that we will all get the opportunity to together sans children for some quality time and some good laughs. And then, possibly the MOST exciting of all is a close friend who won an all expenses paid trip for an event later in the year….i’m talking return flights, transfers, The Hilton, VIP tent and champagne. I’m so grateful that this amazing women is in my life…and that she chose ME to share this experience with her. How did I ever get so lucky to have such amazingly wise women in my life? They keep me grounded and my therapy bill low, we’ve passed in nights out for catchup’s at the park and playdates at each others house or the play gym, and whilst we all have our own individual struggles, we empower each other through them.

Being 30 isn’t so bad, and i’m totally in love with my life right now..