I hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Year. We enjoyed a short time when our family all came together for presents, feasts, laughs and quality time, it was different to previous years as Max was away till late Boxing Day and both my brother-in-law and I worked but we celebrated late and still had a good time all together as a family with 7 adults, 2 toddlers, a crawler, a baby and 2 dogs (one big one small!). We were certainly packed to the rafters!

Looking back on 2016 I felt I just drifted through, I didn’t really have much to work towards and focus on and as a result I felt the year was totally unorganised/overwhelming/a mess and I’m not sure what I’ve really achieved. I had goals at different times but as they were in my head they were lost and constantly pushed aside……this year I want to do different!

I’ve written my goals down for the year and I’m organising my life! I feel having it on paper staring me in the face everyday is going to help me work towards those goals with passion and keep me accountable. I’m going to share my goals with you and I’d like you to share yours too! Mine are:

  • Wanderlust – Family holiday (cruise) and Sky dive (I’m turning 30 this year and I’ve always wanted to do it so what better excuse lol).
  • Relationships – Self love, remove toxic relationships, focus on my close friendships and family, be open to finding love.
  • Health/Fitness – Yes I know….a health/fitness goal! Get back to my gym routine (5 days a week), less sugar and more veg, yoga/balance/flexibility, meditate more.
  • Financial – emergency buffer fund, debt free by June (yay), save 20% of income, deposit only into savings, no withdrawals!
  • Abundance – Journal, blog, be organised, be present and simplify.


Simple headings, simple goals, achievable. My word for 2017 is…….Focused!